Clean Green Energy Instant Matcha

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  • Feel the “bump” in energy from naturally occurring caffeine
  • Save time with travel packets you can take anywhere and mix instantly
  • Nourish your body with 10 days of vital nutrients in each box

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I am in love with Entire Tea Matcha! I have been drinking two cups of coffee a day for the past 15 years. I would get headaches without coffee, and I decided it was time to kick the habit. Entire Tea made it easy for me to transition away from the coffee habit! Oh, and no more coffee breath :)

Alicia Booker - Results may vary from person to person.

The number one reason I drink matcha, WEIGHT LOSS! There are a ton of studies that show green tea can help your body burn fat and lose weight. The travel packets make it easy to mix into my water bottle at the gym.

Jen Fithrone - Results may vary from person to person.

I have heard a lot about Matcha, but have never gotten into it. It always looked like there was so much with the whisk and process. A friend gave me a couple packets before a business meeting to give me a boost and make sure my focus was on point and it blew me away how much I was able to accomplish in those 2 hours!

Justin Murray - Results may vary from person to person.



The natural caffeine in matcha gives you a calm and clear energy without the jitters or crash. No more coffee or energy drinks.


One serving of our matcha contains 10x the antioxidants of regular green tea. A specfic antioxidant called EGCG is widely known to improve the body's natural fat burning, or thermogenesis.


Matcha contains high amounts of a rare amino acid called Theanine. It has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress,improve cognition, and boost mood.


Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Sourced from the famous green tea region of Nisho, Japan. Made with "ceremonial grade" matcha, this is the core of our Instant Matcha. Made from shade grown and finished green tea leaves. The leaves are ground with granite stone wheels to absorb the heat from milling. This preserves the delicate flavor, color, and nutrients that matcha is known for.

Organic Agave Inulin

One of the healthiest fibers on the planet. Inulin is a "pre-biotic" fiber shown to promote gut health by promoting the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria in the intestines. Inulin also helps curb appetite can reduce blood sugar spikes. It comes from the blue agave cactus in Mexico, which grows in harsh conditions without the need for fertilizers or water.

Monk Fruit Extract

Quite possibly the healthiest sweetener available. Monk Fruit Extract is a high-potency sweetener derived from a Chinese melon. It has little to no effect on blood sugar and is safe for diabetics. It has a light caramel flavor, with no bitterness. It contains valuable antioxidants and is extracted using only hot water. Monk fruit has been used for thousands of years in China to help with throat or lung issues.

The 100% No-Risk Promise

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100% Money Back Guarantee!